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The Next Generation in Dynamometers

DS-2025 Race Engine Dynamometer
DA-2025 Dynamometer Data Acquisition System
DC-2025 Dynamometer Load Controller
DS-2040 Diesel Dynamometer System
DS-2020 Standard Engine Dynamometer
DS-2010 Small Engine Dynamometer

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The brochure for the DS-2025 is now available in PDF format:


Dynamometer Options




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Excalibur SolutionsThe Next Generation in Racing Dynamometers Bringing Research Grade Technology to the Racing Industry....

.... We want to thank you for being one of the many people to take a closer look at our new line-up of data acquisition products.

Excalibur Solutions has over 20 years of experience in high-performance data-acquisition and control systems. Our experience includes such diverse applications as sonar, nuclear power plant control and research-grade dynamometers.

When you made the commitment to request this information you obviously felt the same way as we did, there had to be something better on the market than what you are presently using or considering purchasing. Let us assure you, you made a wise decision. When you purchase a dynamometer from Excalibur Solutions Inc., you are investing in the newest technology. We give you our commitment that through our continuing research and development program you will stay one step ahead of your competition. The DS-2025 gives you the value added advantage that will keep your old customer coming back and gives new customers a reason to give you that all important second look!

.... At Excalibur Solutions Inc. we are rewriting the standards for Hi-performance data-acquisition!


Dynamometer systems are no longer a luxury. With the widespread use of dynamometer systems within the industry, it is nearly a requirement to have in-house dynamometer facilities to be viewed as a viable engine builder. Although tools do not make the engine builder, customer perception should be one of you most important concerns, as the business becomes more competitive.

The DS-2025 dynamometer is a fully integrated engine test system utilizing state-of-the-art technology. We know there are several systems on the market; many rely on older, more expensive technology. Some other commercially available systems are just not complete, requiring add-ons to be purchased later. Everyone has seen computers become increasingly more powerful while the costs have plummeted. These decreasing costs have enabled Excalibur Solutions to offer increased performance with the DS-2025 while keeping costs under control.

Easy Installation
After the test cell is built, the DS-2025 dynamometer can be up and running in less than a day. All cabling and hardware is pre-configured at the factory, wiring is just a matter of plugging the cables in.

Easy Operation
The operator interface is implemented with the Windows 98 (Windows XP coming soon) operating system. With the widespread use of Windows, most operators will be familiar with the interface basics; it gives you one less thing to learn. To prepare to make a 'pull' simply fill in the blanks with run parameters, customer data and engine data. The operator is alerted to any value that may be out of range or may cause costly engine damage. During a run all operating data is displayed on one screen, no dials to turn or screens to switch to see all engine conditions.

To help prevent costly engine damage, many engine operating test conditions have settable safety limits. If a safety limit is exceeded, the engine under test will be shut down and the brake load will be GENTLY increased to stop the engine as soon as possible.

Controllable Safety Limits:

  • Low oil pressure.
  • Low Fuel flow.
  • Low fuel pressure.
  • Excessive Oil temperature.
  • Excessive engine temperature.
  • Excessive exhaust temperature.
  • RPM runaway.
  • Dynamometer brake temperature is also monitored to prevent accidental brake damage.

Automatic Throttle Control
With the automatic throttle control option, the operator can program tests for drivability and life cycle testing. The test can be based on engine load, RPM or torque.

Automatic Data Collection
Data collected:

  • RPM.
  • Torque.
  • Horsepower.
  • Air-fuel ratio.
  • Coolant Temperature.
  • Fuel Flow.
  • Fuel Pressure.
  • Fuel Temperature.
  • Air Inlet Temperature.
  • Humidity.
  • Barometric Pressure.
  • Inlet Airflow.
  • Oil Pressure.
  • Oil Temperature.
  • 8 Exhaust Temperatures.
  • Brake Temperature.
  • Brake specific fuel consumption.
  • Volumetric efficiency.

The DS-2025 is engineered around a high performance data-acquisition sub-system running at 100,000 samples per second. This high sample rate allows the DS-2025 to minimize the effect of electrical noise from ignition systems and shop equipment.

Automatic Load Control
The automatic load control works in conjunction with the data-acquisition sub-system, providing closed loop control for the applied brake load. The automatic load control provides much finer control of loading than a manual control valve can achieve. The automatic load control gives the DS-2025 true automatic operation.

Manual Load Control
Although the automatic load control will be used most often, there are times when you will want to preset a load and perform a pseudo acceleration test. This can give some insight into the acceleration characteristics of an engine.

Mechanical Design

Test Stand
The DS-2025 incorporates a powder-coated two piece test stand with a reasonable size engine test cart, which is much more manageable in a tight shop. The brake and engine support equipment stay in the dynamometer room. A gear-reduction starter and brake-mounted flywheel are included in the DS-2025, one less thing to worry about and enables testing of engines with camshaft driven fuel pumps.

Mechanical Features

  • Brake stand mounted starter battery tray.
  • Brake stand mounted ignition tray.
  • Built-in oil drip pan on the engine test cart.
  • Fully adjustable saddle mount supports.
  • Ford and Chevy rear engine mounts supplied. Simple rear support design makes adapters for other engines easy to fabricate.
  • Removable engine cooling tower.

Fuel System
The supplied fuel system consists of a fuel pump, fuel filter, pressure regulator, temperature sensor, flow sensor and pressure sensor. The pressure regulator provides four outlet ports. For a carburetor engine, there is nothing else to purchase.

Water Pump
The brake water supply pump is included with the DS-2025, unlike most of the competition.

Included Sensors

Lambda Sensors
Two Lambda air/fuel ratio sensors are included with the DS-2025. As an option, up to eight Lambda sensor are available. .

Air Sensors
Two airflow venturi style sensors are provided with the DS-2025. These two sensors, which are 6.5" and 9" in diameter, will cover 90% of all applications. Because the airflow sensors are based on RTD's, this enables a truly unrestricted airflow, unlike some blade-based sensors. Also housed within the flow venturi is the air inlet temperature sensor.

Coolant Temperature
One engine coolant sensor is housed in the cooling tower; one addition sensor is supplied, to be used at operator discretion.

Fuel Flow
One fuel flow sensor is included with a range and sensitivity sufficient for gasoline and alcohol applications.

Fuel Pressure
One 0-30 Lbs. Stainless steel pressure sensor is supplied.

Fuel Temperature
One fuel temperature sensor is incorporated within the fuel flow sensor.

One high accuracy humidity sensor is included with the DS-2025.

Barometric Pressure
One electronic barometric pressure sensor is included with the DS-2025.

Oil Pressure
One 0-150 Lbs. Oil pressure sensor is mounted on the brake stand.

Oil Temperature
One -20 Oil temperature sensor is included with the DS-2025.

Exhaust Temperatures
8 K-type thermocouples are included with the DS-2025. All sensors are continually monitored and displayed, switching between cylinders is not required. The thermocouples are supplied with header clamps for testing of car based engines, but the clamps may be removed for exhaust plate installation (typically marine applications).

The engine torque readings are accomplished through the use of supplied a precision strain gauge.

Engine RPM is monitored independently of the engine ignition system with a magnetic pickup mounted on the brake stand.

Brake Temperature
The brake outlet water temperature is constantly monitored to help prevent costly water brake damage.

Software Interface

Automatic testing cycles greatly reduce the test time required, lowering labor costs and engine wear. Controllable Test Start Limits included to help prevent wasted test runs. The test run cannot start until the following operator settable engine parameters are met:

  • Oil pressure.
  • Oil Temperature
  • Fuel flow.
  • Fuel pressure.
  • Engine temperature.
  • Exhaust temperature.
  • RPM.

Corrected and uncorrected data available
A unique feature of the DS-2025 is the ability to correct the data to any altitude, humidity and barometric pressure. This adds some insight to predicting performance of your engines.

Filtered, raw and smoothed data displays available
If you have dynamometer experience, you have noticed that when the raw data is charted, it 'jumps all over the place'. This is mainly due to electrical noise at the sensors and sensor response times. The DS-2025 has the ability to perform software low-pass filtering and smoothing of the charted data to make it more readable.

Unlimited Number of Runs Recorded
Each run is cataloged by date, customer and engine description. Run Histories are stored in a simple English language directory format for easy retrieval. Old Runs May Be Recalled And Replayed.

Unlimited Number of Customers Recorded
All relevant customer data may be entered when setting up for a run. I.e. name, address, and phone number&

Unlimited Number of Engines Recorded
To help maintain a history of engine combinations, all pertinent engine specifications are recorded. I.e. cam specifications, intake type, valve lash, runner specifications, stroke, bore&

Extensive graphics capabilities
Up to 9 data streams from 1 to 10 runs may be overlapped on one chart for comparison purposes. Full color on-screen and printed graphics included with the DS-2025, no additional equipment or software is required.

All real-time data is displayed on one terminal screen in a combination of analog over digital and digital gauges. The analog gauges are provided for fast changing test conditions where the blurred numbers of a digital gauge would be meaningless.


Water Brake

  • 1000 ft-lb. Capacity.
  • 12,000 RPM capacity.
  • 3 horsepower 3- phase 240-volt 120GPM-brake water supply pump. Single phase pump upgrade available upon request.
  • Gear reduction starter.

Computer data-acquisition and control system

  • Pentium class computer system. > 2GHZ
  • 512MB RAM memory.
  • 40GB hard disk drive.
  • 1.44Mb Floppy disc drive.
  • 56K baud modem.
  • CD-ROM.
  • 2-LCD 1024x768 resolution color monitors.
  • Ink Jet Color Printer.
  • Keyboard.
  • 54 channels of A/D I/O.
  • 16 Bit A/D multiplexed converter.
  • 12-bit D/A converter.
  • 32 channels of digital I/O.
  • 4 counter/timer channels.

Sensor Specifications

  • 2 self heated Lambda Air/Fuel Ratio sensors.
  • 8 stainless steel exhaust gas temperature sensors with stainless over woven-glass shielding.
  • One stainless steel strain gauge.
  • One 0-15 Lbs. Fuel Pressure sensor.
  • One 0-150 Lbs. Oil Pressure sensor.
  • One 6.5-inch airflow venturi style airflow sensor.
  • One 9-inch airflow venturi style airflow sensor.
  • One engine coolant sensor is housed in the cooling tower.
  • One general-purpose engine coolant temperature sensor.
  • One fuel flow sensor is included with a range and sensitivity sufficient for gasoline and alcohol applications.
  • One 0-30 Lbs. Stainless steel pressure sensor is supplied.
  • One fuel temperature sensor.
  • One high accuracy humidity sensor is included with the DS-2025.
  • One electronic barometric pressure sensor is included with the DS-2025.
  • One 0-150 Lbs. Oil pressure sensor is mounted on the brake stand.
  • One -20 Oil temperature sensor is included with the DS-2025.
  • One RPM magnetic pickup.
  • One brake water temperature sensor.

The DS-2025 is shipped in three cardboard containers via common carrier on wooden skids.

Ordering Information
To order your DS-2025, contact Excalibur Solutions at any of the contacts listed on the enclosed price schedule. A 50% deposit is required to secure a delivery date. The balance is due at the time of shipment.

The DS-2025 is covered by a limited warranty by Excalibur Solutions Inc to be free of defects in material and workmanship. The warranty does not included misuse, abuse, operator neglect, improper installation, inadequate water supply, and excessive water brake load, excessive water brake RPM or modifications not performed by Excalibur Solutions. This warranty covers parts only, labor to troubleshoot/repair any component at the customer site is not included. Any component, which the customer believes to be defective, must be returned postage pre-paid to Excalibur Solutions Inc. All returns must have prior approval by Excalibur Solutions Inc. Under no circumstances will Excalibur Solutions Inc. be held responsible for incidental and consequential damages arising from the installation or use of any Excalibur Solutions Inc. product.

Warranty Schedule

  • Water Brake  1 year.
  • Electronics/computer equipment - 1 year.
  • Water pump - 90 days.
  • Load control value - 1 year.
  • Other Mechanical assemblies  1 year.

On-site installation by Excalibur Solutions can be quoted upon request.

Service Contracts
Software support, phone operator support and on-site maintenance contracts available upon request.

Existing Dynamometer Systems
If you wish to bring your existing dynamometer system up to date, the DS-2025 electronics and computer packages are available separately. Due to the large number of mechanical design differences possible, quotations are only available upon request.

Optional Sensors

  • 8 Intake Temperatures.
  • 8 Intake Flows.
  • Fuel pressure for injector applications.
  • Air Flow sensors for smaller engines, and for injected applications that cannot utilize the standard airflow sensors.

Optional Equipment
Automatic Throttle Control for life cycle and drivability testing.

Research Grade Dynamometer Options

Combustion Pressure Probes
A Pressure transducer contained within a custom spark plug monitors cylinder pressures during the combustion cycle. Combustion pressures give insight into detonation problems, valve timing and flame travel in the chamber.

Computer Controlled Spark Timing
The optional spark timing control system enables the computer to vary the spark timing during a 'pull'. During the run, the computer will vary the spark timing within the selected range to plot the optimal ignition curve to produce maximum horsepower. After the test is completed, the system will graph the optimal spark-timing curve. This curve can then be programmed into any of the on-board timing control computers readily available on the market.

Intake runner temperature/flow probes
These eight probes will monitor each intake charge temperature; this will give an indication of fuel and air distribution within the intake system. This in conjunction with exhaust temperatures will give a better understanding of what is occurring in each intake runner.

Dynamic Cam-timing
The optional camshaft control system enables the computer to vary the cam timing during a 'pull'. During the run, the computer will vary the camshaft timing within the selected range to find the optimal camshaft-timing curve to produce maximum horsepower. After the test is completed, the system will graph the optimal camshaft-timing curve. This curve can then be interpreted to yield the desired torque and horsepower curve for your application and racetrack.

Intake Pulse Monitoring
The intake pulse monitoring sub-system includes eight probes installed in the intake runners to monitor the reversion pulses that occur after the closing of the intake valve. With the intake pulse information, runners and ports can be redesigned to minimize this adverse effect. Camshaft intake closing ramps can also be altered to minimize the reversion pulses.

Acceleration Testing
One of the shortcomings of most modern water-brake dynamometer systems is lack of acceleration testing capabilities. Acceleration testing can show why two motors making the same horsepower, produce different on-track performance. Never before has accurate inertia testing been possible with a water brake based dynamometer system.

Optical Flame Monitoring
One of the latest developments in the advanced engine research field is real-time monitoring of the flame travel in the combustion chamber. Thirty-two optical probes are placing in the cylinder wall to monitor the flame travel during the combustion cycle. This will give detailed information regarding optimal chamber and piston design.

Camshaft Profiler
A Camshaft profiler is an invaluable tool that can alert you to mis-ground camshafts much more quickly and accurately than measuring the camshaft in the block. In block measurements are difficult and time consuming. Also repeatability is nearly impossible due the block and fixture variables. The *CP-2025 cam profiler attachment to the DS-2025 gives you a valuable tool at the lowest cost possible. Because the CP-2025 utilizes the DS-2025 computer and data acquisition equipment, you get a cam profiler at a much more affordable cost.

Vibraton Dampener Protects high RPM engines from harsh tortional loads sometimes experienced with dynamometer systems.


Windows98 and WindowsXP are trademarks of Microsoft Corp.
*CP-2025 is manufactured by Excalibur Solutions


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Excalibur Solutions Inc.

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