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    If you are reading this you obviously know the strengths and weaknesses of the 3200 product line by Concurrent Computer Corp. Although the technology has been somewhat antiquated by the rapid advances in computer technology in recent years, it does not necessarily mean its time to 'roll it out the door'. With careful planning Excalibur Solutions, can help you extend the life of your 3200 systems.

    If its time to re-engineer your 3200 application to run on a modern platform, Excalibur Solutions Inc. can assist. The founders of Excalibur Solutions are former engineers of Concurrent Computer; we are intimately knowledgeable with the system architecture and operating system internals.

    Because the engineering staff at Excalibur Solutions Inc. has 'grown-up' in the real-time multi-processor arena, we are intimately familiar with the software methodology required to get such a system running with the least investment. This combined with our Unix and VxWorks experience makes Excalibur Solutions truly unique in the industry.

    Excalibur Solutions has taken several systems based on older, more expensive proprietary platforms and successfully ported the applications and hardware functionality to Unix and VxWorks® based systems. One year of system maintenance savings can pay for the new system and porting costs. Quite often, not only is the hardware based on older technology, the software is also. A side advantage to the porting of an existing system, the software can be upgraded to current technology. This can decrease software maintenance costs and add 'life' to the application.

    Often organizations mistakenly delay migrating Reliance and DMS/32 based systems because the applications are too critical or too complex to perform a 'hard cut over' to a new platform, the risks cannot be tolerated. Excalibur Solutions can make this transition easier with the use of data-gateways to DMS/32. The 3200 and replacement systems can run in parallel, protecting the data integrity of your important database. These data-gateways can also be utilized to provide a client/server relationship between the 3200 and workstations or PC's. In this design, your valuable data can remain on the 3200 system, with new applications running on networked workstations/PC's. This arrangement also relieves staffing problems. Reliance programmers are relatively expensive and difficult to find; the workstation/PC applications can easily be written with modern application builders.

    If your processing power is still adequate, but the system peripherals are become too expensive to maintain or no longer available, integrating modern peripherals will give you some relief. With the extensive operating system knowledge provided by Excalibur Solutions new peripherals can be transparently incorporated.

    Please allow Excalibur Solutions to supply you with a competitive and innovative solution for your next consulting and/or integration project.

    OS/32 is a Trademark of Concurrent Computer Corp.
    VxWorks is a Trademark of Wind River Systems, Inc.

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