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  • VxWorks®

    VxWorks® by Wind River System is one of the hottest real-time operating systems on the market today. With embedded systems becoming more widespread, it's no wonder VxWorks® has shown up in everything from microwave ovens to flight simulators.

    With all its strengths, VxWorks® has many problematic areas. A company with in-depth experience can alert you to these troublesome areas, allowing your project to progress much more smoothly. For example, although VxWorks® is Unix-like, it has a bewildering number of unique configuration options that can 'make or break' a project. One of our largest customers developing a major VxWorks® system with hundreds of 'nodes' has stated; 'Without the support of Excalibur Solutions, this project would be a total failure'. Experience such as this, can assist you in getting your project in 'under budget and on time'.

    The VxWorks® track record by Excalibur Solutions Inc. includes projects ranging from a single custom driver to a full-blown turn-key system with custom drivers, applications, procurement, project management and life cycle documentation.

    Areas of expertise:

    • Application level design.
    • Custom device drivers.
    • Custom hardware.
    • Data Communications.
    • Networking.
    • Multi-processor applications.
    • Porting from Proprietary platforms.
    • System Administration.
    • System Design.
    • System integration.

    The engineering staff at Excalibur Solutions Inc. has 'grown-up' in the real-time multi-processor UNIX arena; we are intimately familiar with the software methodology required to get such a system running with the least investment. Because VxWorks® is Unix-like, this experience can very valuable to your project. Excalibur Solutions Inc. can also show you what some of the common pitfalls encountered when designing a multi-processor system; this only comes from experience.

    The current 'hot' system is based on the Alpha processor by Digital Equipment. These Alpha processor based computers are currently some of the fastest on the market, but also one the most difficult to program, especially at the driver level. Excalibur Solutions is one of the few integration companies on the east coast that has produced several successful projects utilizing VxWorks® and the Alpha based systems.

    Please allow Excalibur Solutions to supply you with a competitive and innovative solution for your next consulting and/or integration project.

    VxWorks is a Trademark of Wind River Systems, Inc.
    Alpha UNIX is a Trademark of Digital Equipment Corp.

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