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  • Custom Hardware
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  • About Excalibur Solutions, Inc.

    [Company History] [About the Founders] [Past Projects]
    [Areas of Expertise]

    Company History

    Excalibur Solutions, Inc. was incorporated in 1991 in North Carolina. The company mission is to provide advanced technical solutions to its customers in all areas of system integration, software development, and custom hardware design and manufacture.

    About the Founders

    The founders of Excalibur Solutions have an Electrical Engineering background and have over forty years in the computer sciences, while specializing in real time software at both the system and application levels.

    Our experience includes system design and integration for numerous commercial and government agency accounts. Each control system required custom software and the integration of hardware from multiple vendors.

    Past Projects

    These projects required multiple disciplines, some of which are:
    1. Advance Graphics capabilities.
    2. Data Communications.
    3. Multimedia.
    4. Real-time Data Acquisition and Control.

    These systems operate under extreme real-time requirements in diverse areas such as:
    1. Avionics.
    2. Closed Loop Shaker Table Control.
    3. Engine Analysis.
    4. Power Plant Monitoring.
    5. Simulation.
    6. State Lottery Transaction Processing.
    7. Transaction Processing.

    Areas of Expertise

    As computers become more of a commodity item, hardware and software selection becomes even more critical. This is an area where an integrator with multi vendor experience excels. Also, as the industry adopts a one-size-fits-all mentality, careful up-front software design can help assure a successful project. Excalibur Solutions has a unique background in the industry, with extensive experience in WindowsNT®,UNIX,VxWorks®,OS/32®,Digital Equipment AlphaUNIX® and HPUX®. Excalibur Solutions also has a vast pool of consutling engineers with experience in many disciplines on which to draw.

    Excalibur Solutions is not directly associated with any computer manufacturer, consequently we can offer more competitive consulting and integration services. Our multi- vendor experience also brings the ability to recommend the most suited hardware solutions for your project.

    Please allow Excalibur Solutions to supply you with a competitive and innovative solution for your next consulting and/or integration project.

    Windows NT is a Trademark of Microsoft Inc.
    VxWorks is a Tradmark of Wind River Systems Inc.
    OS/32 is a Trademark of Concurrent Computer Corp.
    Alpha UNIX is a Trademark of Digital Equipment Corp.
    HPUX is a Trademark of Hewlett-Packard Corp.

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